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Winter’s Grip

At ANCB, It’s Anything But Winter Hibernation Much of the nation has been faced with extreme cold and snow this winter, and here in Missoula, Montana, it’s no different.  As our temperatures dip below zero yet again, with bitter winds driving wind chills down to 20 or 30 below zero, it would be easy to curl up by the fire and wait for spring.  Just last week, an avalanche roared off a steep slope on the edge of town, crushing a house and burying its residents. It's a stark reminder of the dangers of winter weather. Here at ANCB, we’ve taken the opportunity to do some internal work, looking at our certification exams, our educational offerings, and our outreach schedule for the coming year.  We believe that — in order to stay on the cutting edge of the natural health movement — we must continually review, revise, and raise our Certification standards and exams, develop new educational programs for our members, and keep abreast of the deliberations of State Legislatures across the country, some of which are attempting to impose harsh restrictions on natural health providers and services. Certification Exam Revision Our certification exams have always been regarded as the toughest and most comprehensive exams offered in the natural health field. We believe that in order to instill public trust and keep restrictive state laws at bay, it’s important to hold our own movement to high standards and demonstrate our commitment to ethics and professionalism.  Recognizing that many natural modalities are evolving, we set out last year to update and revise our examination in Traditional Naturopathy.  We are now nearing completion of this important task, and will soon enter a “psychometric testing” period to determine [...]

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Welcome to ANCB’s Natural Health Blog

Greetings and welcome to ANCB's Natural Health Blog! As ANCB enters our 11th year (while our roots go back to the early 90's, 2014 marks 11 years with  our current name), we're excited to have launched our new web site, along with many of the trappings of the modern computer age. We've added information on natural health education, methods of practice, and legislation to help visitors learn more about this rapidly evolving field. And while we still have much work to do, we're off to a good start and thankful to see so many people visiting the site. I'd like to draw your attention to a few features that will make our site more engaging.  First, we plan to use this blog to post regular columns on various topics of interest to students and practitioners of natural health, as well as those seeking natural health services. Next, we are proud to publish and share with our visitors an on-line Directory of our Board Certified Practitioners, the top professionals in many natural health fields. Likewise, we are also happy to share, at below-market prices, samples from our Continuing Education Webinars, an informative, engaging series of online educational programs that we began two years ago. We are currently planning a new series for 2014, but programs from our 2013 series are still available for purchase by visiting our Webinar page here. Please check back regularly, as over the coming months we'll post columns on topics ranging from ANCB's history, to various practices of natural healing, to current legislative issues affecting access to natural health care. We hope you'll find these posts relevant and enjoyable. Thanks again for visiting our site, and best wishes for a happy and healthy [...]

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ANCB Website Revision Nears Completion

Greetings, and thank you for visiting ANCB's website!  Our web site revision is nearly complete, and while we do still have pages to add, you'll find it substantially ready for use.  This page will feature articles in a blog format, published every so often on various topics in natural health.  Come back soon! Thank you!

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